Celebrating a Birthday during Lockdown!

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Celebrating a Birthday during Lockdown! Andy Hall / Published: Apr-15-2020 Had a big party planned, looking to celebrate with friends and family or just a little birthday tea with those in your household? With the essential methods that are in place to attempt to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the methods of celebrating that special day have been hampered.. Here at Elevation Balloons we are taking great comfort in knowing that we are able to provide that special gift of an Inflated Helium Balloon to arrive on that special day. We are taking great care to protect our staff and...

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Location Location Location

As many of you are aware we have been trying to find a new home for our Balloon Boutique.  Well, after many weeks of searching we have found our new home right under our noses.  We have come full circle and chosen to open our next shop inside our new warehouse!  We have looked around many locations over the last few weeks but never found anything just right for our customers.  Parking was a huge deal for us, we have seen folk walking around town with bags of balloons, many getting ruined en-route to the car as they are blown...

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